Foodle App Design

In creating a recipe-centric food app, we wanted to accomplish two main goals:

  • Facilitate discovery of new recipes and ingredients

  • Assist in the purchase and location of ingredients

We were particularly interested in inspiring users to try new cuisines and get in the kitchen to cook things they might not normally eat. For our audience, we aimed to appeal to shoppers excited about food, with limited experience making more complex dishes. Our ideal users are excited to try new flavors, learn about food, and and improve their cooking skills.

Shopping List Selection Screen

Here users will choose the two vital options for shopping list generation: which recipes(s) and which grocery store.

Shopping List

In order to be instinctive for users, this screen was modeled after a typical paper shopping list, with each ingredient, amount, and a checkbox to indicate completion. A pop-up reminder to check the home kitchen for existing ingredients helps users avoid unnecessary purchases.

AR Mapping

The AR mapping screen uses footprints to guide the user through the store in an efficient path to gather each ingredient. This screen shows the current ingredient the user is being guided to as well as having options to skip to another ingredient. Ideally, when the user reaches the endpoint of the path, they would be prompted to check off the ingredient on the list.