The Fruit-O-Matic AR fruit identification app is the result of an assignment to create initial sketches for an AR app to solve a problem. My problem concerned seeing new or unfamiliar fruit in the grocery store and wanting to know what they are and how to eat them.


Home Screen

The home screen invites users to use the AR fruit identification feature “What the Fruit” first, followed by the option to identify fruit using the text based “Fruit Genie.” Recipe Explorer is the third option, offering users the ability to go straight to the recipe library.


“What the Fruit” Visual AR Fruit Identifier

The AR visual fruit identification feature, “What the Fruit,” permits users to aim their camera at a fruit and receive an identification. A name tag is superimposed above the fruit, and two word bubbles pop up with links to the Fruit Biography and Recipe Explorer features, each pointed to the pages for that specific fruit. Users may take a photo of the fruit with AR name tag to save for reference purposes.


“Fruit Genie” Text Based Fruit Identifier

Some occasions exist where a text-based option is preferred, such as when it is not permitted to take photos or when the AR identifier has failed. The “Fruit Genie” feature allows users to identify a fruit using a series of increasingly narrowed questions asking about size, shape, color, and other characteristics. Upon reaching a conclusion, the user is offered links to the corresponding Fruit Biography and Recipe Explorer pages.


Fruit Biography

For each fruit in the database, a biography exists which lists pertinent information including place of origin, flavor profile, how to eat, and more. A gallery of photos shows the fruit interior/exterior, variants, and in common preparations.


Recipe Explorer

Each fruit has a page with a number of recipes that use the fruit as a major ingredient. The user can scroll through the recipes and search recipes based on fruit, other ingredients, and recipe type.